Five serious questions to texan heavyrockers SWITCHBLADE JESUS!


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1. Very head forward and ready to take on the world one dirty riff at a time, under a few circumstances we have slimmed down as a band but we feel it works better this way as we feel tighter as a unit. It might catch a few off guard but have a GREAT responses on it. We just got signed with Bilocation Records who is going to put out our first release on vinyl by the end of the year. We love the quality that comes from them and honored to be on a great label with the likes of Lonely Kamel, Sons of Otis, The Heavy Eyes, Toner Low, Valley of the Sun and alot others. Have alot of huge plans and have been offered to play some rad festivals next year that we can’t wait for. Also have a split in the works with Buzzard out of Canada and another in talks.

2. Amazingly well! We’ve gained so many fans after the release, especially overseas. All reviews that have come out have been extremely well even some like Ripple proposing one of the tracks best song of the year. Really glad on the reception on this album and already working on the next one. Within days of it’s release we were contacted from Bilocation and this last month we’ve talked to two other labels interested in the next one….so guess they liked this one. Bandcamp has been extremely useful in promoting it and also selling cd’s (soon vinyl as well) so much we’re out of cd’s and have to get another batch on the way.

3. Rain when we have to move gear in the bed of the truck …. and also the sold out of beer sign. Don’t like that one at all.

4. Everyone that sweat and bled for there goals, one’s who busted their ass for years playing for 3 people and never gave up, one’s that no one said they could do it and in turn became one of the greatest. Also my father …….. and Batman. See previous answer for this question.

5. We could sit here for hours on this but no, in my opinion we should not be in this civil war, it’s their war not ours. Did they come to our side during America’s civil war? No….cause it was a war with ourselves. Though they should drop off Axel Rose to sing “Civil War” to the people of Syria, that could help.

You can check out Switchblade Jesus heavy rockin sound here.