Iconic music magazine Rolling Stone are streaming Devil Electric’s debut self-titled album right now!

Speaking about the album, Rolling Stone say:

“From a stomping blues riff a scene takes shape — an eerie, abandoned lake on the outskirts of the village, with rituals and murders and all mysterious urban legends attached. From there, characters are introduced (“Shadowman”, “Lady Velvet”), ahead of both biblical-level tales of damnation (“The Dove and The Serpent”) and intimate confessions (“Hynotica”). If there’s a constant narrative through the thrilling vintage-doom-meets-modern-rock self-titled debut from Melbourne’s Devil Electric, it’s obfuscated enough to steer well clear of concept record territory. Instead Pierina O’Brien’s vocals — sharply turning from haunting howls to plainspoken clarity — expertly guide us through the beautifully bloated supernatural settings — all grandiose guitar solos and thumping, sludgy rhythms — towards occasional, more experimental, minimalist clearings. More than a simple set of contrasting shifts, and entertaining beyond the mere unpredictability, Devil Electric doesn’t simply strap in and ride the rollercoaster of the band’s self-described “modern occult” style but takes us well off-course, deep into the theme park’s surrounding, presumably haunted, woodlands.”

You can check out the stream here!