White Witch Canyon
White Witch Canyon


Lost heavy stoner rock highlight from 2008 finally released on delicious vinyl!


  • A1 | 03m48s – The Witch
  • A2 | 03m37s – Escape Pod
  • A3 | 06m12s – Thirty Three and One Third
  • A4 | 04m29s – Four Star Heretic
  • A5 | 03m40s – Parasitic Stray
  • B1 | 04m29s – Boom Goes Dynamite
  • B2 | 04m45s – Sell Your Soul
  • B3 | 03m14s – Ancient Android
  • B4 | 06m52s – Hidden Track

Vinyl Factz.

  • 200 black
  • 200 clear
  • 100 clear-blue marbled
  • high-quality 180g vinyl (pressed in Germany)
  • 300 gsm glossy gatefold cover
  • insert
  • hand numbered

Music Video.

The press wrote.

To be honest, I did not have `Get my ass kicked` on my schedule this morning. I figured I`d just sip some coffee and maybe take a nap. But then this bruiser dropped on my lap and the whole fuckin` room started spinning. Forty-something minutes later and I`m covered in sweat and bleeding from the forehead. The awesomely named White Witch Canyon is the spangly new project of singer/guitar wrangler/buzz king Eric Hagen, formerly of stoner rock champs Greenhouse Effect. As such, this is not a huge departure from that band: it`s acid-eating Sab-ra cadabra, full of thick, meaty riffs that sound like wooly mammoths plowing through walls of blood-stained snow, bare-chested, flared denim vox, and lava-lamping superjams that practically beg you to play `em on a Camaro`s blown-out cassette deck. Majestic shit, man. If Monster Magnet have let you down these past few years – and let`s face it, they have – then I encourage to sluice down White Witch Canyon. It’s a fuckin` trip, Jack.


Ex-Greenhouse Effect singer/guitarist Eric ‘Lando’ Hagen formed White Witch Canyon in 07 and released their self-titled debut in 08. From the way the stun-guitar of `The Witch` kicks in, it doesn`t leave much doubt that White Witch Canyon are anything but unexpurgated Stoner Rock. There`s no `Post` anything here – it`s overloaded low-end, pedal-powered distortion in both riff and solo and Lando waxing prolific on getting high with witches, androids and broke-down starships. It`s no-think heavy rock n` roll that doesn`t pretend to be anything else. It`s cool that the band mention The Beatles (among others) in the `Thanks` section – not just because I happen to think The Beatles were brilliant, but because Lando and band have a subtle, barely discernable way of including catchy choruses into their songs … `Boom Goes The Dynamite`, `Parasitic Stray` and `The Witch` all have this in some fashion. These subtle pop sensibilities in no way interfere with the band`s more adventurous choices to jam and in several cases but most notably in the opening of `Thirty Three And One Third`, knock the living shit out of things. This was a nice ray of heavy rockin` sunshine to experience given what I usually listen to and the current incredibly fucked-up state of things on the globe. It makes me nostalgic for the late 90s, early 00s when the stoner rock dinosaur ruled my CD player and I had money to spend. White Witch Canyon is definitely escapist fare, but it rocks, rolls and grooves like a mutha.

Chris Barnes (hellridemusic.com)

A flashback to the first time I heard Welcome to Sky Valley. White Witch Canyon is a gateway band, acting as a sluice for vintage Sabbath and 70s acid rock worship.

Nick DeMarino (Stonerrock.com)