Son Of A Witch
Thrones In The Sky

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Their debut full length album, “Thrones in the Sky”, sticks to true doom fashion with having a mere five tracks on the album, but almost an hour of awesomeness between all of them.

The whole experience just grips the mind with the crushing riffs that are featured in each and every song to where you’ve got no choice but to either tap your foot in rhythm or head bang to the heaviness.

You truly get an experience that feels like the weight of the universe crushing you as a war raged on right beside you, and that really sends it home at how fantastic and heavy Son of a Witch have become since their humble inception in 2008.

Recommended if you like: Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Elder!


  • 1. Thrones In The Sky 10:23
  • 2. Alpha Omega Astra 11:58
  • 3. Far Away From Dreaming (Giant Spheres and Humanoids) 08:49
  • 4. New Monster 10:08
  • 5. Jupiter Cosmonaut 15:38 (CD ONLY TRACK!)

Vinyl Factz.

  • Plated & pressed on high performance 180g vinyl by Pallas Group, Germany
  • 111x white black marbled (Exclusive mailorder edition, handnumbered)
  • 200x transparent / clear
  • Deluxe gatefold cover
  • Special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Son of a Witch is a five piece stoner/doom metal band from Natal, Brazil. Very recently they released Thrones in the Sky, a five track behemoth of fuzz, riffs and groove. It is some top notch stoner rock that would not be out of place beside legends of the genre.

Metal Horizons

This is as an amazing place as any to begin your reputation as a stoner doom band as “Thrones in the Sky” has got all the good stuff down to the sound of the vocals. As a fan of doom metal, I can honestly say that if you have been looking for an album to satiate your fix for quality stoner doom then Son of a Witch have got exactly what you need.

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