Hair of the Dog
This World Turns


Scottish rock power trio, Hair of the Dog, return this summer with their highly anticipated third studio album, “This World Turns”. Mixed by James Atkinson (Gentlemans Pistols) and mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator) “This World Turns” sees Hair of the Dog yet again crank up the intensity and maturity of their sound to deliver an album that is truly of another world.

“Since “The Siren’s Song” our lives have all turned greatly, Jon now has two kids, Iain is married and I am due to marry in October. Such life events naturally cause you to pause and reflect on your life and where you want it to head. “This World Turns” is the idea that no matter what happens in life, no matter how good or bad times get, the world will always continue to turn; so you got to move with it, roll with the punches and strive to give this one shot on “the ride” your all.”

From the opening crescendo of title track This World Turns, a 10 minute long riff heavy jam, to the closing tear filled chords of 4AM, “This World Turns” is certainly a ride in itself. This is Hair of the Dog cranked to 11, the riffs are heavier and more complex in their make-up, Iain Thomson’s melodic basslines sore throughout, whilst Jonathan Holt’s frantic rolling drums fill each song with an energy that harks back to one Jason Bonham. True to form, Adam Holt delivers a vocal performance that captivates and haunts from the opening line, pushing his vocal range to new boundaries, whilst the lyrics remain as true and as honest as ever.


  • This World Turns
  • Keeping Watch Over The Night
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • The Colours in Her Skin
  • Death’s Hands
  • 4AM

Vinyl Factz.

  • 200 x Pink/Blue Marbled
  • 200 x Black
  • Deluxe Gatefold Cover
  • Special Vinyl Mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Whilst the industry will no doubt dither and perhaps continue to moan the lack of decent rock bands in the UK, Hair Of The Dog have proved with This World Turns that there is still life in the old “dog” yet. There is a sense that the band have finally arrived on this album, and through its fiery riffs, soulful vocals, and belief, you can sense a band ready to make that leap into the big time. Whether that happens depends on luck these days, and if it doesn’t then the music world has missed out on something special. This music deserves to be heard by a wider audience, and Hair Of The Dog should be looking at main stage slots for all major rock festivals. This World Turns feels like it holds the key to this, let’s hope lady luck shines down. Regardless of that outcome, what we have is a minor masterpiece and one of the great heavy rock albums from a UK act for quite some time.

Echoes and Dust

The most notable thing on This World Turns is how much Adam Holt has grown as a singer. Adapting to best complement each song, whether it be a delicate whisper or emotive cries, is the best improvement that the band could’ve taken. Not to mention his range is beyond impressive – you’ve just gotta admire that man’s voice! This World Turns is presented in a way that makes it appear effortless, showing strong conviction and esteemed. While I was initially bummed by “just” six songs, “This World Turns” is exemplary as it is..

Doomed and Stoned