Somali Yacht Club
The Sun


Somali Yacht Club is a stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. The band mixes elements of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, shoegazing and post-metal in their music.

Formed in 2010 as a jam band, they evolved quickly to a main band for its members. In August 2011 they self-released their first four-song EP “Sandsongs”, followed by two 1-track EPs and finally their stunning full length “The Sun”.
The album was selfreleased by the band, got a digital release by Robust fellow rec in 2015 and is now honoured with a vinyl release.

on “The sun” the trio sows all their musical abilities: variing from quiet and emotional songstructures, impressive instrumental parts to heavy riffing layered with strong vocals. they seem to take the best indigridents from the stoner, psychedelic, progressive and postrock scene to cook their own soup…a very tasty soup indeed!


  • A1 | 08m20s – Loom
  • A2 | 08m02s – Sightwaster
  • A3 | 08m12s – Up in the sky
  • B1 | 10m52s – Signals
  • B2 | 07m19s – Sun

Vinyl Factz.

  • Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in germany
  • 166x White (Exclusive mailorder version)
  • 150x black
  • matt laquered 300gsm gatefold Cover
  • special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Great psychedelic/space-rock/shoegaze band from Lviv, Ukraine with one of the best albums of 2014!
If you like Mars Red Sky or maybe Quest For Fire, you definitely should check these guys.