Hair Of The Dog
The Siren’s Song


Introducing Hair of the Dog, a riff-laden heavy rock trio from Edinburgh, Scotland: Made up of brothers Jonathan and Adam Holt along with childhood friend Iain Thomson, Hair of the Dog is a tight, energetic outfit that has been jamming, writing and performing for over fifteen years now.

Although inspired by iconic luminaries such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Hair of the Dog take pride in bringing something new to the table – a sound that, despite its very foundation being set in classic rock, is always pushing further and way beyond the boundaries of a bygone era, collecting musical DNA through time and across various hotbeds for new breeds of rock and even metal.

Unlike with some of the younger “retro” or “vintage” rock bands, “collecting DNA” doesn’t mean a wild but unreflected focus on certain aspects from the heyday of rock, though. As fine as that can be, Hair of the Dog are way too mature, skilled and creatively driven to be satisfied with that. Their ingenuity alone makes them sound like no other, just like Hair of the Dog.


  • A1 | Into The Storm
  • A2 | You Soft Spoken Thing
  • A3 | Don’t Know My Name
  • A4 | The Spell
  • A5 | Weary Bones
  • B1 | Gypsy Eyes
  • B2 | My Only Home
  • B3 | Wage With The Devil
  • B4 | The Siren’s Song Pt. 1 & 2

Vinyl Factz.

  • Plated & pressed on
    high performance vinyl in
  • 111x pink/blue marbled
    (handnumbered mailorder
  • 200x black
  • Matt laquered 300gsm
    gatefold cover
  • Special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Wer auf geile Riffs steht, MUSS sich die Schotten mit dem verrückten Namen einfach geben. Was Besseres habe ich in letzter Zeit in diesem Metier nicht gehört, auch weil man vor Überraschungen nicht sicher ist, wie bei der schönen Power Ballade “Weary Bones” zum Beispiel. Ja, ruhig geht es ebenfalls, das instrumentale “The Siren`s Dog Pt. I” ist ein weiteres Beispiel für die gefühlvolle Seite. Power Riff Rock mit 70er-Attitüde geht einfach nicht besser und ich hoffe einfach inständig, dass das viele Leute genauso sehen wie ich. Eine hoffnungsvolle Band!