The Heavy Eyes
The Heavy Eyes


THE HEAVY EYES are a young rock trio from Memphis, Tennessee. They describe their sound as stoner blues. I call it stoner blues psych rock with very strong influences from the American rockscene 1969-73. The spirit of Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, Josefus and Mountain floats above this one all the way.

The music sounds fantastically warm and has been completely recorded with analog equipment … no, but it truly sounds like that, you’ll be surprised! A mixture of early Fu Manchu and Budgie, especially the vocals. The drums are massive and very Zeppelin-esque, the killer bass originates from Grand Funk. Songs like “Voytek”, “War Apple” and “Where Is Wilder” are extremely catchy tunes and hit as hard as Pentagram’s “Forever My Queen” (1973). Apart from “I’ll Cut You Down” by Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats these are the best songs of the year 2011 in my opinion. Top score for one of the most beautiful stoner blues albums.


  • A1 | 04m04s – 5%
  • A2 | 03m11s – Pinwheels
  • A3 | 03m42s – Iron Giants
  • A4 | 02m55s – Voytek
  • A5 | 02m57s – Wax Apple
  • A6 | 05m12s – Where Is Wilder
  • B1 | 03m57s – It’s Been So Long
  • B2 | 03m22s – In Need
  • B3 | 03m32s – Drifter
  • B4 | 03m12s – Supermoon
  • B5 | 04m14s – Wolf Tickets

Vinyl Factz.

  • 150 copies 180g black vinyl
  • 150 copies 180g clear blue
  • 100 copies splatter
  • 150g clear-blue-white splatter
  • high-quality vinyl, pressed in Germany
  • 300 gsm glossy gatefold cover
  • hand numbered

Repress Vinyl Factz.

  • 250 copies black vinyl
  • 180g high quality vinyl pressed in Germany
  • standard cover, not numbered

The press wrote.

Heavy Rock from the USA. I`ve spent a lot of time with the debut release by this Tennessee band. Heavy Eyes seems to capture everything I dig in a rock record. Lots of fuzzy guitars, groovy foot stomping riffs and tons of attitude during its 11 tracks. Imagine if you will, Brant Bjork, The White Stripes and Fu Manchu all sitting around puffing on a hookah listening to Zeppelin albums, then picking up their gear and just going for it. That`s the vibe I get from this impressive slab of rock put forth on here. Plenty of soul and a real sense of honesty is captured during the whole duration of the album. Seems to be that all these new bands that are opting to put out their music themselves, whether it`s through iTunes, bandcamp or whatever file hosting website they choose is really making things interesting. The production on the album is stellar and really has a live jammy feeling to it. Maybe being mixed and mastered in the city where rock and roll started with Elvis in Memphis has something to do with it. Some of that voodoo may be rubbing off here. The band has posted on their bandcamp page: `We hope this album melts your speakers`. I`d say…mission accomplished!

Adam Walsh @

This album, running just over forty minutes in eleven songs, is one bundle of joy for those who enjoy their rock with lots of groove. Let me explain: The Heavy Eyes play heavy rock tinged with 70`s groove and stoner undertones. The guitarwork is groovy beyond belief and at time, jammy – they love adding small improvisational passages or variations on the riffs they were playing previously. Rumbling bass. Drumming that is sometimes so rapid that despite being told the drummer uses a single bass pedal, I find it hard to believe. One thing that stands out, what always stood out, was the vocal approach – the vocals are enjoyable, the lyrics good and delivery very catchy, which is a welcome break from a variety of bands that treat vocals like a second-tier element. The album also retains a certain lo-fi edge, it`s not completely lo-fi, of course, but has a raw sound to it, which is just what this band needs, if you ask me. IF YOU`D ASK HOW WELL THE HEAVY EYES FARED, I`D SAY, PRETTY WELL. The album rocks, grooves, stomps and moves start to finish. Riffs aplenty, grooves abound and everything is held together by excellent musicianship and harmonious instrumentalization. The songs are incredibly well-structured, the album flows well, the lyrics and vocals are very good, the drumming is mind-blowing and the guitarsÖ speechless on that front. And, I think, still, one plus is that the album does well not to wear out its welcome. It`s perfect at the length it is, any more and it could get a little challenging, any less I would just say that it could do with another song perhaps. So yeah, this album is a well-thought out, well-executed and well-structured. Not one song repeats, and though some elements are constant, it`s good that they are. It`s a heavy, riff-tastic, mind-blowing beast of an album. A well-deserved, well-earned 10/10. Get it good.