Switchblade Jesus
Switchblade Jesus


Hailing from the land of oil and tar Switchblade Jesus is a 5 piece equivalent of a heard of elephants slamming into a brick wall. Jamming together since 2010 they had a killer ride so far – playing live nearly every week they were forged to a unbreakable live unit. They played a shitload of shows with great bands – just to name a few: Kylesa, Orange Goblin, The Sword, Wo Fat, Egypt, Baroness.

Asked what the fans can expect of the band, the guys state: Loud alcohol fueled heaviness laced with fuzz and slight hallucinations of tube amps piercing your mind. That is a word!


  • A1 | 02m19s – Into nothing
  • A2 | 05m31s – Bastard son
  • A3 | 03m45s – The wolves
  • A4 | 04m52s – Sick mouth
  • B1 | 03m15s – Equinox
  • B2 | 04m38s – Renegade riders
  • B3 | 04m49s – Copperhead
  • B4 | 06m26s – Oblivion

Vinyl Factz.

  • 100x transparent green vinyl (EXCLUSIVE MAILORDER version incl. A3 poster & silkscreened card signed by the band)
  • 200x spooky clear/black marbled vinyl
  • 100x black vinyl
  • all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
  • matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
  • handnumbered


Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Cutting-edge, blood-boiling, head-nodding, riff-rocking beast of a stoner rock strain, distilled from pure-bred trailblazing attitude and adrenaline junkie art. If you’re into rock at all, you won’t be disappointed, and if you’re into stoner rock, this is your thing, and if you like your stoner rock filth-encrusted and larger-than-life, it’s your drug. 10/10

Sarp Esin, Doomentia

They play stoner rock and they sound damn good! There is deep, demonstrable musicianship and passion on each track  … there are a limited number of rock albums worth our fleeting time and limited resources and you can bet Switchblade Jesus have delivered something well worthy of both.

Nuclear Dog, Heavy Planet

This album will grab you by the throat and it won’t let go until Switchblade Jesus either convert you to their way of thinking or you will be left emotionally battered and bruised through the power of their riffs … Excellent and Highly Recommended.