La Chinga
La Chinga


La Chinga is a stoner boogie power trio sitting on the world’s edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Sabbath, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established a penetrating buzz across Canadian campus radio. Selfreleased in 2013, the band’s debut self-titled album prompted ecstatic reviews from the kind of people who wonder why they don’t make ’em like this anymore.

“With their electric black magic unleashed and in full flight, they bonded with the children of the forest over Cro-Magnon riffage, pounding drums, banshee wails, bell bottoms, boogie vans and the sweet miracle of tequila. Through sheer stoopidity, brutality, violence and volume they honed their primordial craft into a sonic axe of stone, opening skulls with deadly precision for as far as the pterodactyl flew.” (from: La Chinga Biography)

Their debut album which is “made by rockers for rockers” is honoured now with the european release including three exclusive bonustracks.


  • A1 | 03m01s – Early grave
  • A2 | 03m38s – Snake eyes
  • A3 | 03m04s – The wheel
  • A4 | 03m18s – Catty
  • A5 | 06m07s – To let silver
  • A6 | 03m03s – Precious & grace
  • B1 | 02m59s – Freedom machine
  • B2 | 03m50s – Country mile
  • B3 | 04m02s – La chinga
  • B4 | 04m37s – The reaper
  • B5 | 03m47s – When I get free
  • B6 | 04m19s – The universe is mine

Vinyl Factz.

  • 111x solid purple/black marbled EXCLUSIVE MAILORDER EDITION
  • 222x yellow transparent
  • all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl
  • pressed in Germany
  • matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
  • handnumbered
  • special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

First off, La Chinga is a fucking awesome band name. With that said, does the music live up to the fantastic name? You bet it does!

The best way to describe this album is simple – a journey through guitar driven, riff centric, 70’s hard-stoner rock, done exceptionally right. Every song on this ten track opus is as potent as that shot of whisky you’ll be downing as soon as this one begins its sonic ruckus. Think of all the awesome things that made Led Zeppelin, Cream, and the countless other greats of yesteryear and throw that into a blender and that’s La Chinga.

The dirty overdriven riffs invade your ears and intoxicate like that cheap gut rot rum you pound every Friday night. These riffs work in the same way alcohol does – commanding multiple re-dosages. It was such an experience to be treated to big sounding riffs with scalpel sharp hooks that lacerate so cleanly and sink into your psyche so deep you’d be lucky if they ever leave your head. Essentially this is what rock’n’roll is all about, and what’s been missing for so long from contemporary rock music.

Moving onto the vocal side of things, this is just as you’d expect – semi-dirty drunkard gruffness with hefty dollops of clean melody thrown in for good measure. The vocalist is easily able to soar above the astoundingly, mind-bendingly awesome riffs, catchy song writing and steal the reins from the six strings and make his presence known. Again, this is how rock’n’roll is meant to sound.

Another point worth noting is the fantastic production. Why is this important? Because this is a self-released, self-funded project, so to hear such excellent production is a huge thumbs up from me. It’s clear, big and just heavy enough to make this record truly come to life. The only minor complaint I could come up with is at times the drums need to sound bigger and a tad punchier, but this is such a minor qualm that it doesn’t detract at all from the sound. However, constructive criticism? Yea? Yea.

Overall, La Chinga’s self-titled debut is a force to be reckoned with. This is a band that is destined for big things if this is any indication of what they can produce. If a drunken-THC laden adventure sounds like your kick, this record is mandatory for your consumption. This is some of the finest rock’n’roll you’ll hear in this day and age. Guaranteed.

Paul Ferritto

Pretty sure this B.C. band’s name is Mexican slang for fucking, which means I like them already. They give us ten tracks of dirty, sleazy heavy petting rock on their debut album, which lasts for nearly 40 minutes—much longer than most chingadas.

“Early Grave” begins with could best be described as a hyper-sexualized wail, announcing the upcoming Led Zeppelin-influenced Rocky Mountain Hop in true Jimmy Page fashion. “Snake Eyes” keeps it going with a slow-rolling groove reminiscent of “Good Times Bad Times,” and actually includes the line “take it sleazy.” Don’t mind if I do…

“Catty!” is actually a little more laid-back, sort of a cross between Fu Manchu and substance-addled Aerosmith, particularly in the vocal department. “Loose My Mind” also offers up some desert-rock grooves, this number being substantially longer at a shade over six minutes, with more of a Kyuss vibe. Really dig the slow, bluesy breaks that have my head nodding in appreciation. This tune takes a pretty sweet psychedelic turn around the four-minute mark before returning to the heavy blues-based goodness. Great, great track.

After more of a southern, country-fried foray in the aptly-named “Country Mile,” which sorta sounds like a Joe Walsh solo cut, the title track brings back the rock at a more frantic pace, this one offering some decent chugging with a snake-like breakdown that lashes out like a Mexican bullwhip. The chorus really hits the upper register, a high-pitched wail that would make Axl Rose wince, but hey, it’s all good…

These guys may not be reinventing the wheel, but as practitioners of the world’s oldest profession, I can dig their modern take on classic rock… ¡Chinga tu madre!

Gruesome Greg