Cortez has solidified their place in the world of underground heavy rock, the new material simultaneously swinging and crushing with hooks for days.. These aren’t just songs, they are war cries and proclamations, letting the world know that Cortez means business and will not stop until their quest for the perfect riff or catchiest chorus is attained.


  • A1 | Johnny
  • A2 | All hail
  • A3 | Until we die
  • A4 | Ride on
  • B1 | Wormwood
  • B2 | Beyond the mountain
  • B3 | Monolith
  • B4 | Nostrum
  • C1 | Satan
  • C2 | Northlander
  • C3 | Niye try
  • D1 | Johnny (Demo)
  • D2 | Until we die (Demo)
  • D3 | Monolith (Demo)

Vinyl Factz.

  • 200 copies black vinyl
  • 200 yellow w/ green haze
  • heavy 180g vinyl
  • 300 gsm glossy gatefold covers
  • hand numbered
  • 77 minutes total playing time

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

Here’s a very experimented quatuor that delivers an amazing blend of 70’s Heavy Rock and Doomy Stoner Rock, with an emphasis on groovy riffs and bluesy vocals; sometimes terribly heavy and shredding, sometimes more quiet and almost psychedelic, always characterized by catchy choruses and a strong musicianship. This is the perfect kind of BIG, LOUD and HEAVY stuff with a slight dirty and rebel edge that should maliciously play with your mind.