Bomb The Sun
Bomb The Sun


BOMB THE SUN were a young and extremely promising band from Wales in the UK. Their first output (CD released in 2007) was supposed to be an EP, but delivers 6 tracks in over 40 minutes. Four 7-12-minute tracks build the epic core of this incredible heavy psych eruption.

This one is a must for fans of Colour Haze, Los Natas, Monkey3 and Ahkmed. Among fans of heavy psychedelic music it is considered a classic gem from a great group of youngsters who sadly disbanded far too early. Now for the first time available on delicious vinyl!


  • A1 | 01m48s – First Israeli In Space…
  • A2 | 07m14s – Not Waving, But Drowning
  • A3 | 12m14s – Your Blood Is On My Hands
  • B1 | 11m37s – Bombay
  • B2 | 07m42s – Deh Na
  • B3 | 02m56s – …Last Israeli In Space

Vinyl Factz.

  • limited 500 copies: 200 black / 200 clear / 100 marbled
  • high quality, heavy 180g vinyl, pressed in Germany
  • 300 gsm glossy gatefold cover
  • new artwork
  • hand numbered

The press wrote.

If the term epic should be used to describe any music, this is the music! Out of Swansea comes these four guys and if you want to come along they can take you for a journey to pleasureland. Bomb the Sun makes heavy trippy music for dreams or just for listening to with your eyes closed. This is nice complex soundscapes going on for ever and ever but always varied with breaks and rhythm changes. A song like “Your Blood is on My Hands” last more than 12 min and has more than 3 min of build-up with floating ebow before the song explodes into heavy trance-metal driven by bass and drums with the guitars floating on top and great hypnotic vocals. “Deh Na” is a more than seven min piece of proggy spacegroove with funky bass and great guitar work. This is a debut EP and the band is unsigned! That is crazy because these dudes play so fucking well they completely wipes out almost any competition when it comes to skills. Although it’s a completely different style of music this band reminds me of Colour Haze with the never ending ability to build upon the same riff and just progress forever. And like Colour Haze has Mani on drums Bomb the Sun has Dave who can also do magic with the sticks. I’m overwhelmed, I’m flat on my back, this is a masterpiece – mark my words as Jens would say …

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