Bite The Bullet
Bite the bullet


The fuzzloving three members of Bite The Bullet,has played rock`n`roll since 2012,yet already they’ve played a bunch of concerts,and are becoming a live-band well talked about. Their joy of playing, and music, comes untamed and directly from the stomach – its present, playful, and most importantly; its music meant to be played loud!

The new record, was recorded on less than three days, – and mixed in one. The result is a honest energetic tale, where everything needless is cut out. The bands intention, derive from a common goal; to keep the album simple, and find the way back to the rock´n´roll roots – which the album successfully did.
The simple style is emphasized in the recordings, made on a 16 track recorder and an old Neve console. The authenticity is there, without a safety net, and without bullshit.
In other words, Bite The Bullet is a lesson in the joy of playing, fuzz sound, and pure driven love to music!

The result of the new analog recorded album, is alive, noisy, and filled with joy and madness!

Rock on!

The foundation stone for Bite The Bullet was laid for 15 years ago, when Paw and Christian met each other in a worn out youth club in Vejle. The two played together after following in a number of bands, at the same time as they individually played and guest performed a gem variety of Danish bands, including Coolsville, Cody, Magtens Korrido-rer, Jonas Breum, Hellraiser Ten and Thee Attacks.

When the boys last band, Highway Child, stopped in 2011, they de-cided to cut into the leg, bite it in themselves and start a band, just the two of them.

The result is Bite The Bullet: Pure, unadulterated, bluesy rock music with the heart in the right place. A lesson in playing pleasure, fuzzy and pure love for the music.


  • A1 | 02m42s – Going out
  • A2 | 02m46s – Be like you
  • A3 | 03m06s – Babygirl’s got soul
  • A4 | 03m40s – Every boy got a broken soul
  • A5 | 04m08s – Home
  • B1 | 04m08s – I feel love
  • B2 | 03m56s – Hit the ground
  • B3 | 03m21s – Space drums
  • B4 | 04m50s – I will not die
  • B5 | 03m47s – My soul


Vinyl Factz.

  • 100x white vinyl (incl. A4 Promopicture, exlusive mailorder version)
  • 200x marbled vinyl
  • 100x black vinyl
  • all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
  • matt laquered 300gms gatefold cover
  • handnumbered
  • special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

Promo Video.