Ruby The Hatchet


Since its formation four years ago, RUBY THE HATCHET has quickly gained a reputation as a formidable force, both on record and on stage. Born in a New Jersey basement, the five-piece boasts a riff-centered, hard hitting rock sound that has infected the Philadelphia music scene with a unique blend of psychedelic undertones, wailing vocal melodies and raw-power energy.

RUBY THE HATCHET’s psychedelia-laced power-rock conjures visions of midnight councils and sinister sorcery, appropriating a storm of distorted axe-wielding as a vehicle of enchantment, with seductive songstress Jillian Taylor overlaying a series of bewitching spellbound poetics.

In 2012, the band released their debut full length, “OUROBOROS”, a record that oozed dark and unresolved mystique. RUBY followed up with an ominous two-song EP the following year entitled, “THE ELIMINATOR”.

The full length release “Aurum” features both tracks from the 7″ and the band’s favourite tracks of “Ouroboros” – all especially mastered for best sounding vinyl results. The outstanding artwork is created by artist Adam Burke.


  • A1 | 04m19s – Paralyzed
  • A2 | 04m15s – Taking Sides
  • A3 | 04m13s – Black Tongue
  • A4 | 05m17s – Can’t Get Him Away
  • A5 | 03m07s – Holy Father
  • B1 | 04m34s – The Lean
  • B2 | 03m45s – Wicked Ones
  • B3 | 05m39s – Good God Damn
  • B4 | 09m02s – Eliminator

Vinyl Factz.

  • 111x clear red black marbled (numbered MAILORDER version)
  • 150x solid red
  • 150x black
  • Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in germany
  • Matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

I love puzzles, riddles and puns – especially puns! So, it’s not a big surprise that Philadelphia’s Bluesified Psych Rock quartet RUBY THE HATCHET drew my attention just reading their moniker – at least on the first place. You see, when I clicked the ‘play’ button in their bandcamp page and listened to the entire “Ouroboros”, I was so glad ‘RUBY’ instead of ‘BURY’ did the trick and grabbed me by the hair. Cool, huh?

“Another female-fronted Psych Rock band”? Hell no! Besides Jillian’s magnified and velvety vocals, RUBY THE HATCHET’s main characteristic is the very interesting blend of the 70s LED ZEPPELIN Psychedelia with the BLACK SABBATH-esque bass lines wrapped in a modern sound (despite the use of Organ) that makes the total result enticing, especially if you consider that this is a private release and, believe me, many rookie bands will eat their guitar picks one by one out of envy, after having listened to “Ouroboros”. The album opener, “Taking Sides” shows its teeth from the very beginning and will make you instantly feel RUBY THE HATCHET’s groove as they have created addicting foot-tapping music. The combination of intense/groovy drumming and catchy riffs is way successful and I bet while listening to this album, you’ll check what year it is, since the retro feeling is well-placed without over-doing it. I shouldn’t forget the killer (MOTÖRHEAD) “Capricorn”-esque feeling found here and there in the album.

The tracks’ time duration is ideal with the longest one reaching 05+ minutes. Also, in the ‘pros’ list you can note down Jillian’s non-stop mincing way of singing, well-blended with her aggressive timbre in tracks like “Can’t Get Him Away”, “Strange Hold” and “Wicked Ones”. My personal favorite song is “Good God Damn” that takes fully advantage of the time given to fully deploy its virtues with a killer main riff that is still stuck inside my mind.

The future ahead of RUBY THE HATCHET seems very bright especially if they will continue to work hard driven by their love for good Rock music. Just take a look at the “Black Tongue” video and you’ll see the value in rubying the hatchet… (