There comes a moment in all bands careers when they find themselves; their sound, their stride and their confidence – for Washington DC based rock trio Barracho, “Atacama” is that moment.

Taking its name after the driest place on earth, “Atacama” is a watering hole for those who have despaired at the recent drought in solid desert rock albums. Mature in its conception, the album acts as a journey, taking the listener beyond the confines of simple desert rock; introducing elements of psychedelia, doom, and heavy riff laden fuzz rock to form a sound that its truly their own.

Voted as one of the greatest releases of 2016 (The Obelisk), “Atacama” is a MUST for fuzz, stoner and desert rock fans – but above that, this record is simply a MUST for those that appreciate good old fucking rock’n’roll!


  • 1. Gold From Sand
  • 2. Overload
  • 3. Lost in Time
  • 4. Descent
  • 5. Drifted Away From the Sun
  • 6. Flower
  • 7. Shot Down, Banged Up, Fade Away
  • 8. Last Song

Vinyl Factz.

  • Plated & Pressed on High Performance 180g Vinyl by Pallas Group, Germany
  • 111 x Brimstone Marbled (Exclusive mailorder edition, handnumbered)
  • 200 x Solic Red
  • 200 x Black
  • Deluxe Gatefold Cover
  • Special Vinyl Mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

There isn’t a moment on Atacama on which Borracho haven’t moved forward from where they were three years ago, and the sense of completion that comes with “Last Song” — their evident mindfulness of the album’s construction and execution — is as fitting an end as one could ask. It was fair to expect Borracho‘s third to land with an impact, especially after the formidable achievements of Oculus, but the varied form of that impact on Atacama is more than it would’ve been reasonable to see coming……Their best yet, and one of 2016’s finest in heavy rock and roll.

The Obelisk

I remember reviewing Borracho’s previous album as I called them one of the best power trio’s currently on the Stoner Rock scene. I still stand by that as Borracho capture the essence of the classic nineties Stoner Rock/Metal scene but give it a more modern feel by adding elements of Psychedelic Fuzz. Atacama is another stunning record from Borracho but this is perhaps the album that changes everything for the band. As I can see them only building upon this huge album. An outstanding album.

Outlaws of the Sun