Ain’t No Shame


The Norwegian rock band are releasing their second full length album, which contains 10 high soaring, hook heavy songs with tons of energy. The whole record has a classic rock tinge to it that gives it a classical vibe; powerful and punchy.

Friendship is a rock band from Oslo in Norway where the drummer has lead vocals. The band was formed in 2011 and consists today of Fredrik Skalstad on drums and vocals, Sander Eriksen Nordahl on gitar and Martin Morland on bass. The musicians in Friendship have all previous experience from numerous releases and tours with other projects.

Friendship’s music is based on rock, with influences from blues, groove and psychedelic music from the late 60s, early 70s. Friendship is a live band, letting the energy of the moment inspire jams on stage. In these moments, the audience get a real feel on the level of craftsmanship in the band


1. Are You Ready?
2. Gypsy
3. Ain’t No Shame
4. Harmony Turns to Sound
5. Got Me Feeling So Good
6. Moments
7. Fire
8. Alaska Night
9. Live Peacefully
10. Truth in Your Lies

Vinyl Factz.

  • 200 x Red/Black Marbled Vinyl
  • 200 x Solid Purple
  • 100 x Classic Black

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

“On an almost song-by-song basis, from the arena-rock lead-in of opener “Are You Ready?” to the Stevie Wonder-style soul and funk of the penultimate “Live Peacefully,” the record showcases a multifaceted personality on the part of the Oslo-based trio…”

The Obelisk

Ain’t No Shame reaches climax with “Truth in Your Lies,” which begins life as a molasses-sweet doom-speed burner, Skalstad out-and-out testifying, and a bright, harmony-laden chorus, before launching into deepest, trippiest space, the rhythm section serving as engine and navigator while Nordahl fires off dueling salvos of laser-sharp freak-out guitar. It’s a high spot on an album that’s stuffed to bursting with high spots.”

Metal Nexus