Mississippi Bones
2600 AD: And Other Astonishing Tales


Mississippi Bones formed in the flat lands of Hardin County, Ohio in 2010 as a 2 man studio project, thanks to some free studio time, with no other motives than to lay down some rock and no intentions of a future. In the last 4 years the rock has not stopped. They have moved from a 2 to a 6 man (5 men 1 lady) band, but the goal remains the same ? laying down fat slabs o’rock.

Some say you hear Clutch influences in their music, may be, but listen to their albums and you’ll be blown away by how much more you’re about to discover. Soul, blues and southern rock have never been combined with heavy riffing and catchy melodies like this.


  • Bakshi To The Future
  • Butcher of the 9 Lunar Mansions
  • Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist)
  • Sleep Atlas At Last
  • Robot Kaiju Hullabaloo
  • 2600 AD – Jared Vs The Space Invaders
  • The Eulogy of Captain Sam Quint
  • Cult of the Behemoth
  • Greener Pastures (I Hear Chernobyl Is Nice This Time of Year)
  • Metaphor Is Just A Word
  • The Fly In Your Ointment
  • Thank You For Listening

Vinyl Factz.

  • 200 x Yellow/White/Red Marbled Vinyl
  • 100 x Black Vinyl
  • Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
  • Deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
  • Special vinyl mastering

Sample Song.

The press wrote.

12 more songs that rattle and crash with incredible energy, enthusiasm, and elegance. When I listen through this album I hear elements of Clutch, which makes this music quite exciting to me, but that is only the starting point for what they’ve created here. ? just sheer raucous rock n roll pleasure, a fierceness of execution, and a keen sense of joy.


Big rock riffs, great lyrics, crazy song titles, brilliant cover art and it just begs to ask one big question – how are this Band not one of the biggest on the planet? The album as a whole is a little bit darker and heavier than the one before but is still always easy on the ear and continues to reward repeated listening. So there we have it – a combination of maximum riffing, educated lyrics and catchy songs – what’s not to like?