We are proud to announce that UK’s hardrockers RED SPEKTOr have signed with us for their upcoming full length! Welcome guys!



Red Spektor is a power trio playing hard rock. Formed in late 2012 to feed the need to play powerful music that continually strives to get back to grass roots.

Drawing inspiration from the dark pre-war blues right through to the British blues explosion of the sixties and the heaviness of the seventies albeit with a modern and dirty twist.

Who we are.
John Scane – Guitar
Darren Bowen – Drums
Rob Farrell – Bass Guitar

Where we are based Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

We’re band brought up on many different genres of music, and bring these together to provide the sound we have today.
The drums are influenced by bands such as;
King Crimson
The Dead Weathers
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Uncle Acid and the Dead beats

Musicians such the great drummer such as Bill Ward & John Bonham.
The guitars are influenced by a history of Rock and Blues and include bands such as Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin. Influenced by greats such as Jimmy Page, Peter Green, [John can you add these please] The Bass is influenced by a varied consumption of Primus, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Walking Papers, with influence from Cliff Burton, Les Claypool, Carlos Dengler, Geezer Butler.
The band comes together with its passion of “back to roots” rock and we currently listen to great bands such as Kadavar, Graveyard, Radio Moscow.

We have a passion for the vintage sound and bring everything back to basics. We aimed to capture our live sound especially the energy and chose to record live straight to analogue.
With exception of the vocals there is no effects on the guitars or bass, letting the instruments and amps drive the tone.