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Mondo Drag 600

Mondo Drag shouldn’t exist in this time-frame at all. The music they make is so of another time that all through this album you feel like you have been caught in a snapshot of a moment. A moment that belongs to a certain era, one of Lester Bangs, dusty record jackets, analogue equipment and the last remnants of free love. The Oakland band have managed to turn back the clock and create an album of almost timeless feel, and you know what? It’s brilliant.
A lot has been written about the new psychedelic movement but quite often the one thing that is truly missing is that transcendent moment when you feel like you are on a trip. Appearing in fleeting glimpses, the remit is more on bludgeoning your mind into submission. Mondo Drag are the complete opposite and for the entire of their new album you feel like you have just imbibed some top drawer drugs and are on the trip of your life.
Heady times indeed and heady music it is. Continuing in the vein of their debut release, this second album expands on its sounds and from the start of ‘Zephyr’ you know you are in for something special. ‘Crystal Visions Open Eyes’ continues to bring you up on your trip and by the time the delicious ‘Plumajilla’ hits its stride you may as well just lie flat on the floor and succumb to the majesty of it all.

Musically it’s a cross between the jam odysseys of Grateful Dead mixed in with the space explorations of Saucerful era Pink Floyd. Throw in some Doors at their most languid and you are almost there. It’s music that never rushes but also never takes an age to get there. It is at times, simply stunning like when the piano takes over on ‘Pillars In The Sky’.
Whilst this album isn’t perfect, sometimes its influences are plain to see and you can almost second guess where they may be heading sometimes, that is mostly irrelevant and you will find yourself returning to this album time and again. We have a little gem of a band in Mondo Drag and they are the sort of band who become a cult act. Maybe, just maybe we have the new Love on our hands and you should jump on their ship now before it’s too late and they become just another repackaged band further down the road. Superb stuff.

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