MEXIOMAs new opus “Obsidian monolith” will soon be out on vinyl. To make the wait short read the review!


Mexicoma – Obsidian Monolith
Bilocation Records/Kozmik-Artifactz/Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner
Rated: *****

On their new album Obsidian Monolith we are still assaulted by three axe-slinging maniacs! We are ofcourse talking about the Swedish six-piece stoner train that is Mexicoma! Which barrels down the line full force as the first track Keep Me Alive kicks in. And during this one and the next never eases up on the throttle; cause the beating continues on Mortified with drums that leave you completely battered and bruised. But with the third and fourth it deepens, darkens and grows into something grandiose which will stand tall until the end of time. And then comes the mighty pounding groove in the dangerous sounding Room 101. And the magnificence goes on and on and on until the final unplugged version of Salvation. Which shows Mexicoma is capable of almost anything we could possible think of. After treating us to grade A seventies inspired hard rock with hefty stoner influences on their first releases Supervoid and Mexicoma they’ve morphed into something bigger, taller and shinier. Like a mystical clouded monument that only shows its real beauty to the initiated…

(Written by JK)