Killer review for CORTEZ “s/t” – have a read:


They have the beards, they radiate the F.O.A.D. attitude but above all they have that killer groove in their sound. It had been over five years ago that their actual debut was released on the Belgian Buzzville Records label, but like the band is saying that was another time, another place and another band. They have outgrown that band and are derailed from its tracks. You could say they fled from it. The Cortez of 2013 has released their same titled album with a more crystallized sound and they scraped the flesh of the bones of that old style and re-invented their approach: nasty rock’n’roll, infectious riffs and a dirty guitar and vocal sound! The drums demands a head part beside of the awesome solo’s. Please do not be startled when you hear comparisons with bands like Kyuss or Queens Of the Stone Age. They actually do sound like their annoying dirty nephew! With a festival like Roadburn just in my system, this is really a great appetizer for the edition of next year. Even if it’s just to hear songs like ‘Until We Die’, ‘Monolith’ and ‘Northlander’ played live.


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