Fuzz Manta – The Stonewolf
Bilocation Records/ Kozmik Artifactz – 2013
Rock, Hard, Prog, Seventies, Psych, Kraut
Rated: ***
Looking for a something hefty, grand and majestic to sink your teeth in? Look no further. For Fuzz Manta has delivered one gigantic piece of art that feels in touch with something mystical and earthy at the same time. It is called The Stonewolf and it features eight tracks and lasts for more than an hour and eleven minutes. And the first two parts alone which are called The Stonewolf Part 1 & 2 add up to 34 minutes of avant-garde psychedelic hard rock with overtones of progressive seventies influences and hippiesque kraut rock inspirations. The four Danes go overboard on these two tracks to make sure you feel overwhelmed and completely in shock. It takes the rest of the album to recuperate and get grounded once again. And thanks to damn fine obscure sounding psychedelic rockers like Mind Reader and My Baby In Vain you will touch down and feel whole again. In the end the record serves as a highly melodic and extremely seductive musical painting full of Day-Glo colors. The vintage sounding Stonewolf howls and will hunt you down and devour you whole!
(Written by JK, www.stonerhive.blogspot.nl)
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