Thanks to Spader Ess Blog for this great GRUSOM album review:

Grusom Cover 1000

It took about a month from the Danish grusom put up his incredible demo on Bandcamp that they had been designed by Kozmik Artifactz. In other words, it is fair in the world. The self-titled debut contains the three songs from the demo plus six songs for.
Together, the nine songs, a cruel and macabre soundtrack to the darker side of life.
We have become accustomed to the dark feelings can come from our neighbors in Denmark, but where eg. King Diamond lyrics and music feels more theatrical and a little more like the haunted house at Tivoli, it is grusom more psychologically stressful. Fear and discomfort for real. Sometimes.
Occasionally, I get a little feeling of Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads, but Grusoms world becomes much more apparent. Where I can see Nick’s songs as exciting stories, chapbook, becomes grusom more “in your face” in any way. Another Swedish Reference Lars Demian, but with more occult elements and more pressure. The Doors feeling is of course the left. Especially with snake-references in the song “grusom”.
Sometimes the music as I said on the verge of unpleasant and intrusive, but at the same time as the sweeping beautiful and sad.

Their suggestive, psychedelic destruction blues are both beautiful and engaging, but also ruffled and annoying at the same time. It really is not music for all occasions, but when the moment is right, it is a direct hit. For this music is liable to affect one’s mood. There is a walk along dark paths and once the disc is out, it’s pretty nice to know that you come out the other side.

With all of that said, I can not but give a good rating. For it is an incredibly good album that I like very much, although it occasionally gives me tingling that I must take a break on end listening. Which means that it may not be the record I will play most of the year, but one of the disks that arouses most emotions when I do it.
It will be the first 5th, so I pull out that extra ace out of his sleeve, because I think the album will only grow.
So, turn off all electric lights, light the candles and pour a heavy and full-bodied glass of red wine and get out on a journey into the darkness with grusom at high volume.