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Aah, riffs, on warm spring days like these I can’t get enough of them. This is the time of year when my preferences change from intimate ambient music to distortion loaded guitars and pounding drums. When the first blossoms appear on the trees, the first solo’s blast through my speakers and I start longing for the greasy hamburgers, the warm beer, the wet soil and the sonic blast of the summer festivals. And as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t mind watching Ruby The Hatchet a few times in the next few months.

Ruby The Hatchet is a female-fronted rock band from New Jersey, influenced by psychedelic and classic rock and inspired by vintage horror movies and the occult. Now, usually, ‘female-fronted’ is almost a synonym for ‘goth metal’ but no sir, there’s nothing goth about this. This is old fashioned hard rock in the vein of bands like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Jex Toth and many others following or leading the succesfull seventies revival.

The album is contains remastered versions of their favourite songs from the debut ‘Ouroboros’ and two songs from the single ‘The Eliminator’ who both have been unavailable for quite some time. The band and label decided to improve the sound quality for this vinyl/CD release. A good decision if you ask me, because the sound is pretty massive, sounding both very present day and vintage at the same time. This creates a unique, mystical atmosphere, loaded with witchcraft and sorcery.

My favourite songs are the opener ‘Paralyzed’, which is an epic riff-based rock song that Black Sabbath forgot to write. ‘Can’t Get Him Away’ is an uptempo rock ‘n’ roll track, dressed in a psychedelic blues outfit. ‘Holy Father’ sounds as if it came directly from a ‘greatest rockhits of 1975’ compilation. ‘Good God Damn’, as many of the other songs, sounds dirty, dark and powerful, just like rock music used to be and should be. On the final track, ‘Eliminator’ things even get a bit darker.

In all, this is a great classic or psychedelic rock album from a highly talented band. If Ruby The Hatchet can bring this quality on stage, they might become one of the most outstanding bands on many desert and stoner festivals this summer or autumn or whatever. Aurum is definitely worth checking out if you are discovering the current revival.


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