Another fine review for Fuzz Mantas “The Stonewolf” album!



Like a rainbow shining through storm clouds to give you advance
warning of sunnier weather to come, Fuzz Manta dispel any
feelings of gloom with some psychedelic hard rock with an
authentic nod to 70’s kraut sounds mixed with some almost
folk-like touches.
The songs are tight compositions with some longer passages
that weave in and out of ideas, musical motifs and themes with
skilled playing and passion.
The stand out vocals from Lene Kjaer Hvillum raise these
tracks to a higher plain. She sings, croons and coaxes the songs
along and reminds me of Grace Slick in her rockier phase of
the Airplane ie: “Volunteers”.
Jumping the divide between 70’s classic rock and the more
contemporary sounds of today – think Black Mountain –
this album is a slice of psych rocking that recalls yesteryear
but is firmly entrenched in the now.
Fuzz Manta have made the album they always threatened to
produce – only now, it has come together for them in a
magical way. (
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