Our friends at The Sludgelord reviewed DEMONAUTA’s “Caminando an la luna” recently:



Chile seems to be oozing out the sludgiest heavy rock from its borders of late. Standing far to the front of this pack roars Demonauta with their second album “Caminando en la Luna” now availiable on vinyl, which without looking at a translation program I believe means ‘walking on (or in) the moon’ roughly. Looking it up it does (I still got it Ms. Duckworth and Mr. Fallico!); the album name is an apt description of the tripped out fury that awaits you.

Boasting a slurry of explosive riffs and blistering leads, their sound is the closest comparison to Palm Desert scene, without actually sounding derivative. Indeed Demonauta sound fresh, with their laid out chilled grooves and the deep rhythm section interplay, it is unmistakeable throughout the record.

Some of the nuggets separating Demonauta from their peers, is their heavy, HEAVY 80s metal groove, balls to the wall on the second track “Hacia el 6to Sol” and the amazing solo on the title track. Turn up the solo on the title track and watch it echo through your brain, it is an EXCEPTIONAL solo and one of the best I’ve heard in years. This track alone is worth purchasing “Caminando en la Luna.”
Moving deeper into the review, I would like to begin with stating that the fourth song is named “Mr. Magnet,” which clearly is an amazing name marking an amazing song. The riffing on “Camaleon” reminds me quite a bit of “Whitewater” era Kyuss with those big sliding power chords riffs. The most unusual track on the album is “El Refugio” which crosses into a lot of different sonic territory, with a very interesting clean almost funk chord verse riff which seques into a heavy chorus. The outro of the chorus section is pretty unusual sonically and sounds quite unlike anything I’ve heard. Then it gets even weirder with a minimalist solo over what sounds like a very jazzy walking bassline in waltz time.

Oddball stuff but great, a bit reminiscent of the song writing on Captain Beyond’s S/T; it’s always a pleasure to see when these kind of unusual experiments turn out great.

I feel like mentioning the mix now. This is a perfect example of how to mix heavy music, everything is clearly audible and the vocals are a touch recessed back in volume, but still clear giving the instrumentation room to rock you. In addition, the tones present are ‘godly’, particularly the fuzzed bass tone in the title track which crushes like a tanker hitting a bridge. Not to belittle the guitars thought, because the ‘wah’ work here is outstanding and the maturity displayed on the leads throughout is breathtaking. The drumming is outstanding with busy fills in the right places and some fantastic propulsive grooves, this guy swings a 4 on the floor harder then almost anyone I’ve ever heard and his drumming reminds me of Nick Lucero and Gene Trautmann, who mostly played on QOTSA’s “Rated R.”

In closing then, all I have to say about “Caminando en la Luna” is the grooves are infectious, the beards are luxurious, and the tones are sublime. Treat yourself to what is one of the better albums you will hear from recent years and certainly check out the new vinyl. Check it out below.

Words by: Chris Tedor (http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2014/10/demonauta-caminando-en-la-luna-lp-album.html)

You can order the album here!