Thanks to Gew-Gaw magazine for their great GRUSOM album review:

Grusom Cover 1000

The unhappiness rhythm of the organ in the introduction (first sermon) of this album will us indicate the Highest recommendation melancholic moods of Grusom. Based physically in progressive/rock bands of the 70s (and vaguely reminiscent of Doors at some points!!), have enough hard/rock elements, while the slow rhythms bring in the mind the psychedelic groups that acted late 60s early 70s, manage to stand comfortably, since their sound is based on the organ and the beautiful voice of the singer. Of course they aren’t prototyping with their sound, but have bottomless talent for writing songs that loud beating to our souls! Some of them are evil, the cold stone, the beautifully dark journey, exquisite bleed for you and of course the unique gruesome. Highest recommendation!!! (