Huge thanks to Matt from for the great GRUSOM album review:

Grusom Cover 1000

Grusom – ‘Grusom’ (Kozmik Artifactz)
Genre: Heavy Rock/Proto Metal
Sonically speaking, Denmark’s Grusom couldn’t be further from death metal’s Gruesome if they tried. The sextet’s debut self-titled full-length has been classed as doom blues but one could throw in the kind of Satanism you get from Ancient VVisdom or Ghost.

Grusom is heavy on the organs with declarative clean vocals presenting dark subject matter in an almost upbeat way. Imagine Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Doors sitting around a campfire playing insanely catchy songs inspired by Coven. And the fire is burning souls and evidence. It’s not all about Satan, but there is an overhanging darkness. Death, evil, and gruesomeness have no right sounding this righteous and fun, but they do.

Rating: 4 (

The album is out now on CD and 180g vinyl here.