• Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Psychedelic · Stoner

  • Vocals
    Ben Lough
  • Guitar
    Raff Iacurto
  • Ben Lough
  • Bass
    Wayne Stokes
  • Drums
    Greg Eshman




General Information.

THUMLOCK was one of the best fuzz / stoner / desert rock bands ever to hail from Australia. They released 3 albums plus 2 EPs and a few singles from 1997-2002. Most of their releases have only been released in Australia, so these are impossible to find nowadays. Also their music has never been released on vinyl before… until now!

The press wrote.

Since their formation in Wollongong, Australia in the mid-nineties, Thumlock have harnessed the power of high octane, sci-fi-tinged, THC-fuelled rock. Travelling the well-worn path of east-coast freeways and beer-soaked bars, the quartet has successfully carved out their slice of the classic Australian rock pie.

An independent release in 1997 allowed the band to find their feet in this treacherous landscape and caught the attention of High Beam Music, who distributed Lunar Mountain Sunrise in 1999.

This lengthy EP showcased a young, uncompromising band allowing their creativity to direct the songs, with awe-inspiring results.

In 2000 Emerald Liquid Odyssey was released to an ever-expanding fanbase. Beard of Stars picked up the album for a European release and, locally, it hit ..4 on the Australian Independent Record charts and received Album of the Week in the influential Drum Media. Capitalising upon their continued success Thumlock released two singles from the album, recorded a track for the Blue Cheer tribute, and supported the likes of Hawkwind and Rollins Band.
Sojourns Lucid Magic is the next chapter Thumlock’s epic tale.

From the opening single of Modulator it is all too obvious that their coastal hometown will not be able to contain the passion and the tenacity of Thumlock for much longer.

Again drawing heavily from personal idols Hawkwind and the usual Black Sabbath riffs, Sojourns Lucid Magic brings out the classic subversive Australian rock sound that the band have for so long been teasing us with. Heroes from yesteryear Radio Birdman, The Saints, and the Hard-Ons all share the honour of influencing the next influential band from Australian shores.

Thumlock’s appeal has stretched beyond their genius song-craftsmanship, with their penchant for off-the-wall, science fiction based lyrics. Both Michael Moorecock and Frank Herbert inspire Lough’s words of distant fantasy worlds, time travel and mythological creatures.


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