The Great Khan

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Stoner

  • Vocals
    Gregg Buzzer
  • Guitar
    Gregg Buzzer
  • Bass
    Gregg Buzzer
  • Drums
    Rom Gov



great khan cover

General Information.

The sound has a southern feel to it, but the origin is the Middle East. Greg Buzzer hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and has been the driving force behind Buzzer since 2004, but this time ventures out on his own, delivering a classic set of stoner rock goodness – 7 wonderfully rendered gems that are chock full of monster riffs and blazing solos topped off with Greg’s macho, raspy vocals. This album is aptly named for the great Kha Khan as it resembles an armed campaign that rolls across the land in a thundering, unending roar of sound and vibration, power and portent, destroying all before it, leaving nothing in its wake save quivering masses of demolished victims. There is nothing in history quite like The Great Khan, which in this case is a wonderful thing.

As with all gifted artists and musicians, Greg displays an adept ability for composition, creating songs that upon first listen are hard rock in nature, southern in flavor, but closer inspection reveals songs that are balanced perfectly within the overall melody, allowing hooks and riffs to develop and deliver, and creating room for all instrumental participants to showcase and shape each song with their own exceptional sound.

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