The Dirty Streets

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock
  • Members
    Thomas Storz
  • Justin Toland
  • Andrew Denham




General Information.

The Dirty Streets are a young band from the Memphis area who have no fear of bathing in their proto-punk and soul roots. Their album Portrait of a Man is an obvious product of digging on the likes of MC5, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Cactus, Humble Pie & the Faces.

The press wrote.

 When the Streets take off on a solo, there’s no jam-band exploration, just full-on grimy attack. And the rough, menacing guitar tone is matched by vocals that growl and bark beyond their age.

Chris Herrington, MEMPHIS FLYER

The first truly great “new” band to emerge from the Memphis scene in recent memory, this trio of teen and twenty-somethings conjure a mass of thick riffs and a hearty retro rumble… 


Movements has a nice warm 70s classic rock and soul and blues rock feel to it. There are plenty of great guitar riffs, the vocals are excellent and it’s easy to get quite a few of the beats stuck in your head. It has a familiar but yet unique sound. It’s modern but yet feels so 1970-ish, even the artwork has a certain aspect that screams 1970s. This is a highlight album for 2011. We all know that modern rock radio today is crap and missing something. I believe that The Dirty Streets are one of those bands that are certainly capable of filling that void. 

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