Sonora Ritual

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Stoner

  • Vocals
    Fartface Johnson
  • Guitar
    Fartface Johnson
  • Guitar
    Wifebeater McKenzie
  • Bass
    Franklin D. Boozewell 
  • Drums
    Snuffy O’Brian





General Information.

On doomsday 2012 this hermit baby was born and drones through the dusty franconian desert since then. Sonora Ritual is a 4-piece combo that throws together different influences and styles of heavy music by combining atmospheric trips with massive riffage.

Keeping it raw and stricly lo-fi this band does the recordings by itself and released their debut album ‘worship the sun’ in 2013 which became a popular freebie download real quickly.
Trying to keep things simple these guys don’t come along with any overblown adjectives that describe their sound.
It’s up to you, to make your own opinion.

Grab a beer and follow the hermits footsteps to see what you’ll find.


Recent releases.

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