Son Of A Witch

  • Country
  • Genre
    Doom · Stoner

  • Vocals
    King Lizzard
  • Guitar
    Psychedelic Monk
  • Guitar
    Gila Monster
  • Bass
    Old Goat
  • Drums
    Asteroid Mammoth


General Information.

The first rehersals were around 2008. Everything was still very embryonic. The band consisted of Space Ghost (guitar), King Lizzard (vocals), Philip (drums) and Adrian (bass).

The first show took place around 2010, already with Asteroid Mammoth in place of Felipe and Bong Monkey in place of Adriano, plus the addition of a second guitarist Gila Monster.

In 2012 came out the EP ‘Snake arms woman’ with 3 songs. Since then the band started playing in bars and concert halls, but also in neighboring towns, also participating in some festivals. In 2014, the band received the invitation from Rio de Janeiro producer of Abraxas Felipe Toscano to record full album in the studio Superfuzz with the producer Gabriel Zander, who worked with Mars Red Sky among others. In the same year, the band made concerts in RJ / SP and the festival that takes place in Belo Horizonte, the ‘Exhale the sound’. The guitarist Space Ghost got replaced by Psychodelic Monk.

In 2015 the band launched the single “Jupiter cosmonaut”, a 15-minute song and soon after released their full length “Thrones in the sky” with 5 songs in digital format. Immediately they were invited to join the cast of Abraxas Fest and played again shows in RJ and SP, together with Kadavar, plus the Monster Coyote and Munoz.

Recent releases.

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