Shivas Nat

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Psychedelic · Stoner

  • Vocals
    Patrick Lykke Heinsøe
  • Guitar
    Patrick Lykke Heinsøe
  • Bass
    Morten Clod-Svensson
  • Drums
    Aleksander Trap-Jensen
  • Organ
    Bjørn Sunesen




General Information.

SHIVAS NAT is in a world of blues, garage and acid rock.

Shivas Nat plays their psychedelic garage/blues-­rock with an authentic and mind-­blowing sound, that under the right circumstances will take you straight back to the colored mists and patterns of the early 1970’s.

SHIVAS NAT was formed in late 2011 by Patrick Lykke Heinsøe (ex-Highway Child) on guitar/vocals and Aleksander Trap-Jensen on drums.
Having existed shortly as a duo, Morten Clod-Svensson (ex-Fuzz Manta) joined in on bass, and later Bjørn Sunesen (Willow’s Tale) stepped in, bringing organ and extra guitar.

During 2012, Shivas Nat marked themselves at the Kildemose Festival and the Copenhagen scene as an interesting band to follow.
After having toured several times across Denmark, Germany, Austria and France in the spring of 2013, the band has now established themselves as an international name, and created a strong base for the future.

“…Shivas Nat plays the type of far out psychedelic hard-rock a fan of retro-rock will inevitably enjoy, and this time the previous problems with audibility were immediately laid to rest as Shivas Nat struck the first chord – absolutely raw power, right from the start. Most of their rather 70’s-like songs featured long instrumental passages in between Patrick’s hauntingly powerful, echo-drenched vocals, thus empowering the overall psychedelic atmosphere…” -Bo Vinberg,

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