Ruby The Hatchet

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Psychedelic

  • Vocals
    Jillian Taylor
  • Guitar
    Johnny Scarps
  • Bass
    Mike Parise
  • Drums
    Owen Stewart
  • Organ
    Sean Hur




General Information.

Since its formation four years ago, RUBY THE HATCHET has quickly gained a reputation as a formidable force, both on record and on stage.

Born in a New Jersey basement, the five-piece boasts a riff-centered, hard hitting rock sound that has infected the Philadelphia music scene with a unique blend of psychedelic undertones, wailing vocal melodies and raw-power energy.

RUBY THE HATCHET‘s psychedelia-laced power-rock conjures visions of midnight councils and sinister sorcery, appropriating a storm of distorted axe-wielding as a vehicle of enchantment, with seductive songstress Jillian Taylor overlaying a series of bewitching spellbound poetics.

In 2012, the band released their debut full length, OUROBOROS, a record that oozed dark and unresolved mystique.

RUBY followed up with an ominous two-song EP the following year entitled, THE ELIMINATOR.

Recent releases.

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