…Of The Horizon

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  • Vocals
    Mike Hanne
  • Guitar
    Mike Hanne
  • Bass
    Kayt Vigil
  • Drums


General Information.

Of The Horizon came together as a two piece in the fall of 2008. Mike Hanne (guitars, vocals) and Shig (drums, cymbals, gong) connected through an ad on craigslist, of all places. Both hailing from the “stoner/doom” school of rock an immediate and heavy bond was quickly established. By the spring of ’09 the duo had written around a dozen songs and had played about as many shows around the Long Beach/ L.A./ Hollywood area. That May, still without a bass player, the two decided to head into the studio. A four song E.P., that has yet to be released, was done with Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Goatsnake) at his studio in Banning, CA. They continued to look for that third element while melting faces around the Los Angeles region. Luckily the lack of 4 strings didn’t hinder the amount of enthusiasm and sheer energy the two were generating. Rick Kosick (Jackass producer) at one point was quoted as saying “…Of The Horizon is L.A.’s best new band.”
They continued writing and playing shows and in June of 09 found the missing link. Bill Lanham (a.k.a. Big Willy) confronted them after a show in Long Beach and in not so many words said “you guys need a bass player, and I’m it!” An accomplished musician, engineer and producer Big Willy quickly jumped on board, learned the songs, and before they knew it the three were in his studio laying down more tracks. With Bill now a part of the line-up,…Of The Horizon were playing shows around the Los Angeles region and working on a much anticipated full length album. During 2009 and most of 2010, they had the privilege of sharing the stage with such bands as Black Cobra, House of Broken Promises, Rise Of The Willing, It’s Casual, and Dave Lambardos Philm. However, in November of 2010, Lanham decided to leave the band (on great terms) and …Of The Horizon were once again on the hunt for a new bassist and missing link. Enter Kayt Vigil at a Masters of Reality /Farflung show at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, where she was given the E.P. recorded with Scott Reeder by Shig and asked if she would be interested in joining the band.
She had just come to Los Angeles from Philadelphia, PA after having played with some heavy hitting musicians herself. Her previous experiences included time with Joe Hasselvander’s (ex-drummer of Pentagram) The Hounds of Hasselvander as a live bassist, Pentagram (as a live part of the Hound’s set with Bobby Liebling as well as studio time
with Pentagram) and her own band Hatchetface, a doom 4 piece based in Philadelphia. Within a few months of going back and forth between Philly and LA and finally settling down in CA, she had learned the songs and the band was back on stage by May of 2011. Again, they had the privilege of sharing the stage with such bands as Yob, The Shrine, Moab, and G.F.P. (with skateboard legend Tony Alva) at The Troubadour , Echoplex and other more intimate venues in Los Angeles as well as the 2011 Doom In June Fest in Las Vegas, NV with Stone Axe, Wo Fat, Iron Man(MD) and Solitude Aeturnus.
Things were on a roll but unbeknownst to the group, big changes were on the way. At the end of October 2011, the band relocated their headquarters from LA to Joshua Tree, CA , roughly 130 miles east in the California High Desert. Even though Mike and Kayt still lived in LA, their weekly commute to their desert rehearsal space and their drummer Shig (who now lived in Joshua Tree) was worth it when the jamming commenced, energetically unobstructed and free of the psychic clutter of the metropolis. There, in an inspiring atmosphere the band regrouped, began writing new material and most importantly, prepared to record their long awaited full length album. In early November of 2011, they met with experienced and knowledgeable recording engineer, Tony Mason of Back Of The Moon Studios, in Joshua Tree (a neighbor of Rancho De La Luna). He had engineered and mixed Brant Bjork’s “Jalamanta” and was Engineer and/or Assistant Engineer and played(depending on which session)on the famed Desert Sessions 1 -2 , 5-6 as well as 7-8. He worked with artists such as Josh Homme, Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri, Mario Lalli and Brant Bjork, respectively. He was the perfect engineer to pull the sound of balanced heaviness and precise riffage , swirling psychedelic effects and distinctive, slightly droning vocals out of the trio and lay it all down on 16 tracks with a 1/2 inch reel. Their last recording effort clearly reflects the feeling and freedom of the high desert vibe. Truly, the band was in their element. Of course, the life of a musician can be full of uncertainties. Just a few months later, an unfortunate turn of events began to cause issues on both practical and financial levels for the members. By March of 2012, these unfavorable matters consequently caused the group to decide to amicably disband. Even though there were a few offers from labels to release the material, the problems facing the band were too great to ignore and the recording fell to the wayside. However, the recording remained with Kayt after everything was said and done . After moving to Europe to pursue other musical endeavors, and with the full blessing of her former band mates, she had the sound re-mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut’s studio engineer) and found a label willing to release the album- a label that had put an offer on the table previously when the recording was new. So, well over four years after the date of the Back Of The Moon Studios sessions, …Of The Horizon wishes to bring their last and finest effort via Germany’s Kozmik Artifactz label to the world of heavy music with a recording that offers lots of low end crunch, crushing rhythm, heavy, fuzzed out guitar and insightful vocals that transcend the everyday reality of life on this earth. Some call the music “trance inducing”, some call it “heavy as hell”, but all can agree that it is a true blend of hard rock, some heavy metal and some stoned-out doom. Welcome to the underground high desert sound!

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