• Country
    Córdoba Capital, Argentina
  • Genre
    Drone · Heavy Rock · Psychedelic · Stoner

  • Guitar
    Mauricio Condon
  • Bass
    Juan Pablo Lucco Borlera
  • Drums
    José Landin
  • Visuals
    Guillermo Scarpa


General Information.

IAH is a band formed at the beginning of 2016, in Córdoba Capital, Argentina. The band consists of Mauricio Condon on lead guitar, Juan Pablo Lucco on bass, and José Landin on drums.

Musically speaking, the band is a confluence of experience and heterogeneous exploration, but still well delivered by its three members. The versatility of IAH varies from ambient to hypnotic riffs, from powerful explosions to peculiar details demonstrating a variety of influences as a result of the vast musical knowledge of the ensemble. The work of IAH contains some riffs that could fall within the stoner / doom metal genre, bringing strong influences from post rock and from psychedelic rock. It is the least to say that the freshness of what IAH can offer is a small glimpse into the variety of their musical influences.

Since its birth, the band has achieved some key accomplishments, among which we can mention the album release of 2017 (self-titled) by the record label Necio Records of Peru and edited in digipack. In 2018, a vinyl edition of the late record  will be released by Kozmik Artifaktz, a German record label specialized in the said genre. In addition to that, we can add the great success of the disc on many Youtube channels, especially with the new entire album downloaded in a single video exceeding 250,000 views.

Recent releases.

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