Hair Of The Dog

  • Country
    Scotland, UK
  • Genre
    Bluesrock · Classic Rock · Heavy Rock

  • Vox/Guitar
    Adam Holt
  • Bass
    Ian Thomson
  • Drums
    Jon Holt





General Information.

Hair of the Dog is the product of over fifteen years of friend and  musicianship. As children, brothers, Jonathan and Adam Holt would jam tirelessly in their childhood home; bashing out perfect Zeppelin and Hendrix covers, whilst always adding their own modern twist inspired by bands of the time such as Rage Against the Machine.

In high school the brothers discovered Iain Thomson, a gifted musician with an immense classical background. Iain shared the brother’s love for jam heavy, groove laden sounds. Together they would jam at any opportunity, growing strong as friends and musicians.

The trio naturally went their separate ways after high school. Jonathan became a professional actor frequenting both stage and screen. Adam joined infamous Scottish metal band Madman is Absolute. Whilst Iain pursued a highly coveted degree in classical music.

Despite often being at opposite sides of the globe, whenever the trio were reunited, they would always make time to jam; continuing to explore and develop the sound they had forged as teenagers.

In 2013, Jonathan and Adam both found themselves living in Edinburgh with a hunger to jam. The timing seemed perfect – as Iain too had recently relocated nearby and had been in touch regarding the possibility of jamming.

In the summer of 2013, the band hit the “jam room” and within weeks had written enough new material to record an EP.

The band entered Chamber Studios in late 2013 under the moniker, “Hair of the Dog” – a nod to Scottish classic rock band, Nazareth and a cheeky wink to the trio’s indulgent drinking habits.

Over the space of a weekend, on a shoestring budget, the band recorded “Hair of the Dog” – a self-titled EP, recorded primarily for self-reward and personal satisfaction.

The EP was self-released via Bandcamp in early 2014, with artwork created on Microsoft Paint. The band had only ever intended this to be a way of allowing friends and family the chance to hear what they had been up to.

What happened next, could never have been predicted….

Like a rolling stone, the Hair of the Dog EP started to gather a lot of attention. The bands ever growing fan base (largely based in Europe) shared the EP around social media like a wonderful new drug and before long, interest in the band started to emerge.

Following a string of positive reviews, the band started to receive interest from small independent labels from around the world; all keen to sign Hair of the Dog to their roster. After much thought and negotiation, the band signed an album deal with Berlin based record label, Kozmik Artifact. The deal with Kozmik would see three hundred copies of their debut album mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator) and pressed to high quality vinyl; a goal the band had long dreamed for.

With the debut soon to be released on vinyl and interest swarming around them, the trio once again hit the studio to record a follow up, full length album. However, this time, they were armed with a larger budget and bigger ambitions.

During this time, the band started receiving more notable gig offers; sharing stages with the likes of The Blues Pills, The Vintage Caravan, Elder, Mos Generator, Greenleaf and Lonely Kamel. With each set played, the band would go down a storm; winning over new fans and leaving a lasting impression with each of the headlining acts.

In November 2014, the band re-entered Chamber Studios to record their first full length album; “The Siren’s Song”.

Recorded and mixed over the space of a week, The Siren’s Song was a much different beast to the band’s debut. Bigger, louder and more sophisticated, The Siren’s Song demonstrated the trio’s full musical range and arson.

With budget left over to spare, the band made the decision to hang up their Microsoft Paint skills and employ the talents of artist, Dominic Sohor (Orange Goblin, Raging Speedhorn, Gurt). With very little direction from the band and permission to be as creative as he wished, Dominic delivered a piece of art that was undoubtedly the perfect visual representation of the music.

Finally, The Siren’s Song was ready…

In July 2014, The Siren’s Song was released on digital download via Bandcamp, as well as on CD.

Literally overnight, the album spread across social media, generating an instant buzz.

As with the debut, The Siren’s Song was well received by both fan and critic – generating a high volume of praise throughout the European underground music scene, resulting in a host of positive reviews; as well as being featured on the cover CD of Classic Rock Magazine.

2016 saw the band travel to Europe to play their first ever European shows; two blistering sets at the highly revered Roadburn Festival – a mecca for heavy rock and metal fans around the world.

On return, the band re-entered their studio and set about writing and recording a new album – “This World Turns”. Working again with recording engineer, Graeme Young and enlisting the help of James Atkinson (Gentlemans Pistols) to mix the album, “This World Turns” sees the band take their unique sound to the next level.

“This World Turns” is due for release July 2017.

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