• Country
  • Genre
    Bluesrock · Classic Rock · Heavy Rock

  • Vocals
    Nicolaj Hoffmann Jul
  • Guitar
    Thomas Ulrik
  • Guitar
    Dennis Warburg
  • Bass
    Søren Olesen
  • Keys
    Peter Pørtner
  • Drums
    Jakob Kaae



Grusom Cover 1000

General Information.

With dark and gloomy lyrics, GRUSOM creates an honest and unpolished universe that questions life and death through authentic stories and malicious tales.

It started out in a small room, in a small town, in a small country.
Three guys with the urge to play rock ’n’ roll and let their hair hang loose.
The band, formed in late 2013, began with only a guitar, drums and vocals. 
Knowing they needed more, the guys called a few friends, luring them into this idea.
That became as easily done as said and within a week had the crew assembled: two guitars, bass, drums, organ and vocals.
And so became GRUSOM!
The band released its DIY demo on bandcamp late in the summer of 2014 and received a lot of unexpected attention, which really lit a fire beneath the young guys’ feet.
From here on there’s one thing to say: HORNS UP and ROCK ON!

The press wrote:
The more I listen to the more it takes to excite me. This demo has me jumping for joy! These 3 songs show the most promise of any demo I’ve heard practically all year long. Wow! Not since King Buffalo’s demo about this time last year, has a short intro provided such promise. 3 song concept album about gruesome stuff. Listen up and keep your eye out for these guys.
-Bucky Brown / theevilengeneer

Grusom make some truly majestic rock, the old way. Inspired by and delving into the heart, passion and darkness of the 70s they put forth a dramatic Luciferian mass through a 3 song demo and make the listener
swoon as well as despair this unforgiven night. Grusom is outstanding and captures a pure essence of how good rock music is crafted and presented. Hail!
-DHU Records

Ride With The Devil:


Spader Ess:


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