Green Lung

  • Country
    London, UK
  • Genre
    Doom · Sludge · Stoner

  • Vocals
    Tom Templar
  • Guitar
    Scott Masson
  • Bass
    Andrew Cave
  • Drums
    Matt Wiseman


General Information.

Green Lung combine crushing heaviness with soaring hooks, summoning up the proto-metal spectres of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the psychedelic heft of heavy prog and the anthemic gloom of Danzig and Type O Negative; all the while dragging those influences into the 21st Century and sculpting them into a sound that is entirely their own.

Hailing from South London and made up of vocalist Tom Templar, guitarist Scott Masson, bassist Andrew Cave and drummer Matt Wiseman, the band released their debut EP, Free the Witch, in February 2018.

Recent releases.

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