• Country
  • Genre
    Classic Rock · Heavy Rock

  • Drums/Vox
    Fredrik Skalstad
  • Guitar
    Sander Eriksen Nordahl
  • Bass
    Martin Morland



Friendship cover300

General Information.

Friendship are a groovy power trio from Oslo, Norway. The band was formed in 2010 and consists today of Fredrik Skalstad on drums and vocals, Sander Eriksen Nordahl on guitar and Martin Morland on bass. The gel that binds the trio is their years of experience and discipline to their craft as musicians. As a result, Friendship have forged a sound that is tight, groovy, dynamic and adventurous; a sound that is unmistakeably Friendship.

Taking influence from the psychedelic vibe of the late 60’s and the heart and soul of the early 70s, Friendship bring something reinvigorating and fresh to the table of retro-rock bands. These influences become apparent when you experience Friendship the way they were meant to be heard, live. Feeding on the energy of the moment, Friendship soar seamlessly through cosmic jams, no performance ever the same, effortlessly demonstrating their craftsmanship and joy of music.

In 2011, Friendship released their first recording, a limited hand numbered 7″ single. Their debut full length followed in 2014 receiving an extremely positive embrace from the European underground rock scene.

Four years later and the band prepare to release “Ain’t No Shame” their highly anticipated follow up album, recorded and mixed at Studio Paradiso with Christian Engfelt (Big Bang, Cato Salsa Experience). “Ain’t No Shame” is a more mature record than their debut, from the opening riff you can feel the time, love and passion that has gone into creating this beautiful record. Fans of Friendship will not be disappointed, and those new to the Friendship train will enjoy the ride!

Ain’t No Shame” will be released in May 2018 via infamous psych and stoner rock label, Kozmik Artifactz.

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