• Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Psychedelic · Stoner

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Bass
    Gui Omm
  • Drums



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General Information.

Domadora is a psychedelic heavy rock trio created in 2011 by two passionate improvisators: Gui Omm (bass) and Belwil (vocal & guitar). Karim (drums) joined them in late 2012.

The band invokes the spirit of La Domadora (female lion-tamer in Spanish) to ease and master wild psychedelic jam sessions. The repertoire is at the crossroad of heavy rock and ‘70s psychedelic stoner rock.

The 3 ‘tamers’ compose with intention to lead you to trance state and they wonder: ‘Why lock ourselves in short songs ? Why be afraid of time ? Why freeze music ?’ The trio spills its guts to guide the process of composition.

Their show at La Miroiterie in Paris Fr (supporting Gnod) got Domadora noticed. This performance brought them straight to ‘Stoned Gatherings’ parties, where they opened for Sungrazer and The Machine, and then @ Glaz’art (Paris-Fr) with Pentagram and The Socks.
In April 2013 they delivered their first full length album ‘Tibetan monk’. It delivers seven electric trances filled with soft violence. The tracks are like endless journeys, searching ecstasy, guitars riffs loop to generate a liberating power. The musicians bounce off one-another’s inspiration, the destination is unknown, the music is a journey not a product…


After a more than appreciated album and have shared the stage with bands like Pentagram, Yawning Man, Earthless and Baroness, one of the spearheads of the psychedelic / heavy psych french scene returns with “The Violent Mystical Sukuma“, their long awaited second album.

The influences of Domadora are not really found in the names of artists, more in musical trends : free, uninhibited and daring to make music. Of course, you’re gonna easily think rock of the late 60’s and top 70 – but also to proto punk, the freedom of the area, or the heavy rock jam born in the desert. You can also find an influence in some classic pieces including the way to live a journey through successive wave intensities – from Pink Floyd to Fatso Jetson passing Led Zeppelin and Beethoven. Sukuma is a Zulu word meaning elevation, to stand up, tu unbend. A concept that transcends beings in their earthly existence. The rise of consciousness is necessarily mystical and violent. And music is a way to rise. The music of this album tries to bring the listener to a state of trance and to allow him to rise if he lets the door open. The recording started in the Louvre Auditorium and it evolved in a free and natural way like a track of Domadora to be mastered in Wo Fat studios in Dallas Texas. Borders have no relevance in this music.


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