Devil Electric

  • Country
  • Genre
    Doom · Heavy Rock

  • Vocals
    Pierina O’Brien
  • Guitar
    Christos Athanasias
  • Bass
    Tom Hulse
  • Drums
    Mark Van De Beek


General Information.

Devil Electric combine the riffs of old and new in a collision of unholy matrimony.

Droning distortion, heart-pounding drums and rumbling bass all tied in with haunting female vocals.

This is what it sounds like when someone walks over your grave.

Born down-under during a ritualistic listening of Sabbath & The Dead Weather, Devil Electric pride themselves on their crafted song structures and hook-laden riffs. Fronted and defined by a dark and gracious female presence, they offer a modern, heavy and fuzzed-out brand of rock n’ roll.

‘Devil Electic blew my mind. A wall of sound with haunting vocals – one word, HUGE’ Tonedeaf

“The heavy chug and masculinity of the rhythms are perfectly counterbalanced by Pierina O’Brien’s Joplin-esque vocals.” Heavy Magazine


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