• Country
  • Genre
    Classic Rock · Heavy Rock

  • Vocals
    Matt Pearce
  • Guitar
    Matt Pearce
  • Bass
    Matt Rabong
  • Drums
    Ben Giller


General Information.

Clan: A trio of rock-loving lifelong friends hailing from Norwich, UK- guitarist/vocalist Matt Pearce, bassist Matt Rabong and drummer Ben Giller have been collaborating musically for nearly ten years.

Their combined sonic influences in Clan bring forth their debut full length Witchcraft – a record that will please fans of vintage fuzz, blues rock and dirty beats. A keen sense of vocal melody combined with grooving unison riffs and thunderous drums preserves the retro feel while carving out the band’s own recognisable sound.

Entirely self-recorded by the band using their own studio, equipment and knowledge, this album is a true D.I.Y. labour of love.

“An extremely strong and well accomplished debut long-player; Witchcraft is simply a must get if you’re in any way a fan of vintage fuzz rock in 2014.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Probably one of the best debut albums I’ve heard this year.” – Metal Temple 8/10

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