Church Of The Cosmic Skull

  • Country
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Psychedelic

  • Vocals
    Bill Fisher
  • Guitar
    Bill Fisher
  • Bass
    Sam Lloyd
  • Drums
    Loz Stone
  • Hammond
    Michael Wetherburn
  • Cello
    Amy Nicholson
  • Back Vox
    Caroline Cawley, Jo Joyce


General Information.

Church of the Cosmic Skull is a twofold entity: a new religious movement who seek to free mankind from their material possessions and unify all living beings into a singular cosmic whole; and a 7-piece supergroup based in Nottingham UK playing Prog/Psych/’70s Rock/Pop.

For fans of Black Mountain, Ghost, King Gizzard, Uncle Acid.

The combination of guitar, hammond organ, electric cello, bass and drums is a tip of the hat to the Mahavishnu Orchestra sound, but with six-part Queen-esque vocal harmonies and Thin Lizzy pop-rock structures.

Brought together by songwriter Bill Fisher, the group features some of the best musicians in the universe.

The Seven Objects:

Recognise the hallucinatory nature of reality

Investigate all aspects of the reality-hallucination

Receive all phenomena with equanimity

Celebrate and uphold the freedom of art, science and thought

Meet mistakes with forgiveness and determination

Do what you want, with love in your heart

Maintain focus on the unity of all living beings

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