Black Cowgirl

  • Country
    Pennsylvania, United States
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock · Stoner
  • Members
  • Ben
  • Chris
  • Mark




General Information.

Crawling out of the dark and ominous cornfields of Central Pennsylvania, Black Cowgirl comes covered in mud and dripping with echo on their latest full-length, a psychedelic trip through the headspace of a band that hails from the middle of nowhere and wants to fly to undiscovered planets on the outskirts of our galaxy.

Black Cowgirl’s been around since 2008, and with this new album, they’ve set their feet firmly in the history and context of stoner rock, with inspiration flooding in from southern rock and doom traditions, their sound distinctly their own but clearly influenced from the annals of their genre: The Atomic Bitchwax, Clutch, Kyuss, even The Hellacopters.

The first track, “Talk of Wolves” is reminiscent of an early Monster Magnet track, and kicks the album off with a nuclear bang. The title track, “Weight of Oblivion” is another killer, grinding in at a slower pace than many of the album’s central “strutter” songs (like “Roadmaster” and “Dead House”), taking on a swirling, doubled prog guitar line and packing it in tight with atmosphere and wisps of the dankest smoke.

It is epic, with songs like the closing double “Becoming Nothing” and “Unio Mystica” bleeding into each other, unable to separate themselves in the delicious mess of squealing wah and fuzzed out bliss. This should be a new modern stand-by, and Black Cowgirl should be one of your new favorite unsung bands.

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