Bite The Bullet

  • Country
    København, Denmark
  • Genre
    Heavy Rock
  • Bass
    Christian Norup
  • Guitar
    Paw Eriksen
  • Vocals
    Thomas S. Christiansen
  • Drums
    Paw Eriksen



cover LPklein

General Information.

The foundation stone for Bite The Bullet was laid for 15 years ago, when Paw and Christian met each other in a worn out youth club in Vejle. The two played together after following in a number of bands, at the same time as they individually played and guest performed a gem variety of Danish bands, including Coolsville, Cody, Magtens Korrido-rer, Jonas Breum, Hellraiser Ten and Thee Attacks.

When the boys last band, Highway Child, stopped in 2011, they de-cided to cut into the leg, bite it in themselves and start a band, just the two of them. The result is Bite The Bullet: Pure, unadulterated, bluesy rock music with the heart in the right place. A lesson in playing pleasure, fuzzy and pure love for the music.

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