Age Of Man

  • Country
  • Genre
    Classic Rock · Heavy Rock

  • Vocals
    Matt Benson
  • Guitar
    Matt Benson
  • Bass/Organ
    Eric Stone
  • Drums
    Brandon Borden


General Information.

Age of Man are a South Arkansas-based blues-rock trio comprised of Matt Benson on lead guitar and vocals, Brandon Borden on drums, and Eric Stone on bass. Their thick and muddy brand of blues-steeped guitar rock is reminiscent of a simpler time, stripped of modern musical conventions and cleverly re-imagined from its very core.

It all began in the early months of 2010! Matt Benson and Jeffery Greer (former drummer) just got out of a progressive-rock band, just wanting to play blues-rock and psychedelic-blues music. It didn’t take long to find a bass player and get Age of Man on their stomping feet.

Late 60’s and early 70’s power trios were the drive and inspiration for their sound, as well as current bands like Radio Moscow and early the Black Keys stuff! Benson was very much influenced by Jimi Hendrix early in life, but even older, less polished blues music would become a huge influence on his guitar playing.

They began playing a lot of shows and some festivals, even opening for one of their favorite bands, Radio Moscow and later opening for Dax Riggs! They also had a 12 song demo on hand, very poorly recorded and handcrafted right in the jam room at Benson’s house. Sometime in mid-2012 they took a road trip to Georgia and had their first studio session, recording a 6 song EP. However, this EP never saw the light of day.

After e-mailing change after change and realizing the only solution was to drive back to the studio or just scrap it all together… So they decided to simply scrap it into obscurity. Around the middle of 2013 Jeff left the band, and Brandon Borden joined on drums. Later that year they recorded another 6 song EP at Benson’s house.

Eventually they found a keyboardist/organ player that would fit right in and beef up their sound. Musician Eric Stone joined the band in late 2014 and Age of Man was now a 4 piece band for the first time ever. However, this was very short lived, Darryl Driskill left the band as their bass player. Stone moved over to bass guitar and left the organ behind, only to pick it up again during the recording of their upcoming album release… Less than a year later, with the perfect band lineup, the band went 2 hours north to Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas and recorded their first full length studio album!

Of course, they had to call it About Time!

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