Just received another fine review for AT DEVIL DIRT’s new  album! Do not miss this!


At Devil Dirt – (2013) Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución

First of all I’d like to apologize for the lack of reviews lately. With that being said, I was lucky enough to acquire the new album from the Chilean two-piece “At Devil Dirt”. With the digital release approaching on October 30th, I thought I better throw a few words out about this amazing recording.

I have been a fan of At Devil Dirt ever since the first release a couple years ago. It’s always a pleasure to hear something new from the band. This being the third full length from them, and in my humble opinion… the best work they have done to date. We not only get the massive guitar tone, the thundering drums and harmonic vocals we’ve come to expect from this dynamic duo, but we also get a concept album of sorts that touches on torture, corporate greed, politics, and religion. Fairly heavy topics for a “stoner” band, right? The band posted a link to their Facebook page, urging listeners to check out this clip for a better understanding of the lyrics on Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución. I urge everyone to do so as well.

Combining sounds by bands like Fudge Tunnel, Celtic Frost, Alice in Chains, Kyuss and Pink Floyd with a modern bowel shaking production is what At Devil Dirt does. It’s original sounding, and accessible to music lovers of any genre. They have their own brand. I could hear one measure of almost any track and know its them right away. That’s the mark of individuality and timelessness. And they seem to keep expanding on an already solid blueprint. Making a great album from start to finish is a rare thing these days. Setting up the dynamics in every song, mixing emotions within the music in just that certain way that makes the listener really listen and crave to hear more. Make sure you put this at the top of your “must hear” list. –Adam W