Demonauta – “Tierra Del Fuego” Review

Demonauat - Tierra Del Fuego

“Often, our bias with Rock / Metal sung in languages ​​other than English deprives us of seeing beautiful works such as Tierra del Fuego, the Chilean power-trio Demonauta.

What we have here is a Stoner Rock / Metal of psychedelia almost ethereal, drenched in fuzz, groovy lines, enveloping melodies, pulsating drums, and dynamic variations of tempo, in a desert and astral aura of pleasant weight.

In a collection of instrumental experimentations, weight and melody, beginning in the opening track “Into The Darkness”, going to the ending “Psiconauta”, passing through beautiful moments like “Del Vendaval” (an ethereal dance of weight and melody) and ” Astro II “(with moments that refer to the good times of Grunge), the three instrumental tracks are the biggest highlights of the album.

“Sahara Trip” (from desert to Palm Springs), “Cosmos” (in an oscillation of weight and travel) and “Psiconauta” reflect, due to the absence of vocals, an almost spiritual relationship between the members and their music.

Even in the bands that count on vocal lines, the words become movement and create an abstract and reflective musical geometry, of almost feverish numbness, in a perfect production for the genre.

This maturity is a consequence of his almost a decade of experience, and a combination of stabilized formation (after constant changes) by David Véliz (Guitar / Vocal), Miguel Quezada (bass) and Ale Sanhueza (Drums), since 2010.

Tierra del Fuego “, is already the band’s fourth album, completing the discography alongside” Vol 1 “(2011),” Caminando en la Luna “(2012) and the live” Woodsatco 2014 “(2014).

Be sure to check out this album, especially if Stoner Rock / Metal is to your liking.”

Marcelo Lopes VieiraMetal Na Lata

Buried Feather – “Mind of the Swarm” Review



“With a sound that draws regular comparisons to Dead Meadow & Spacemen 3, Melbourne based experimental psych aficionados ‘Buried Feather’ have a lot to live up to. Since exploding onto the underground scene back in 2012 the band have unleashed two mesmerising singles and a debut full length filled to the brim with modern experimental psych flourishes and driving kraut rock tendencies all underscored by magnificently addictive mantra like instrumentation. ‘Buried Feather’ are now set to unleash their full length sophomore follow up to their 2013 self-titled 8 track monolith. ‘Mind Of The Swarm’ gets it’s full official release on February 10th 2017 via Melbourne based indie label Cobra Snake Necktie Records as well as the German based stoner rock imprint label Kozmik Artifactz. It will be released digitally and on limited edition 180g vinyl.


The albums closing piece shudders into life on a bedrock of off kilter drum patterns, tumbling bass lines and the rise & fall of massive swathes of fuzzy instrumentation. ‘Well Wishes’ tumbles through the ether held fast in a swirling maelstrom of heavenly noise. A fitting ending to a brilliant sophomore release.”

Thanks to Del Chaney at Primal Music Blog for this awesome write up.

Check out the full review here!

Or purchase your copy of “Mind of the Swarm” – Here

CHILD ‘Blueside’ album review: ‘From tip to tail Blueside is a tasty journey.’



Chilled out and just a little buzzed Child are old school rock and roll for dudes and dudettes who just wanna take a moment to appreciate the finer things in life. Blueside shows a darker aspect of this band, wallowing in groovy pentatonics and doomy grooves that find you lost in blossoming waves of sound. Blueside is going to take you on a journey, whethr you like it or not, because at the end of the days it’s bands like Child who seem to truly understand rock and roll and what it can do for the huddled masses.

The colossal guitar work in a song like The Man is perfectly suited for the epic almost washed out vocals. The sense that things could all apart at any moment is delicious. These guys understand that rock and roll needs to have forward motion, but as the long form songs found throughout the record prove, Child don’t especially care if they need to take their grand old time getting from point A to point B. Rather they will sit back, chill out and let you fall in love with flurries of notes immediately contrasted with the strangely reassuring thudding bass tack of these songs. It’s easy to lose yourself in Child because they want you to dig in deep with them.

So yeah, this band isn’t exactly creating new soundscapes, but they represent something great. They show us a way forward through the rock and roll misery that so many of us must deal with and remind us that no matter what we can always find a path to absolution, despite the trials and tribulations we might face. These guys understand the beauty of vibrato, the crush of a good progression and how wailing vocals can leave you unable to turn the record off. From tip to tail Blueside is a tasty journey.

Thanks to Matt bacon for his great work:

Album available here.

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